Guest at Toronto Comic Con and Polybius Dreams Kickstarter launch

Toronto Comic Con is a great Informa Canada  show, with Kevin Boyd and his team running things spectacularly. I had great neighbors with Ian Flynn and Aleah Baker (writers on Sonic The Hedge Hog) to my right and Greg Hyland (of Lego fame) and Ken Wheaton (of Simpsons fame) to my left. It was my first Canadian show of the year and I’m always happy to see everyone that I hadn’t seen since Fan Expo in September. I got a good hall of comic books at the show as well; Sonic The Hedge Hog (Ian Flynn), 4th Planet (Fred Kennedy) Gladiasaurs (A Shay Hahn), Kronk (Marvin Law and Phil McClorey) Bridge Builders Creed (Shawn Daley) Neon Black (Kevin Briones) as well as a few others. Check them out if you get a chance.








I launched the Kickstarter for Polybius Dreams at this show with a special black and white Ashcan of the first 17 pages of the 1st 32 page issue of the 4 part series. Ben Grisanti, the writer, came up on Saturday and schmoozed the hell out of everyone to let them know about this great story of horror, murder and arcade games, all set in upstate New York in the mid 80s. Ester Saguero is doing a fantastic job of colouring the book. We’ll be running the KS until mid May so the next show where you’ll be able to grab these limited edition ashcans for Polybius Dreams will be at Indiana Comic Con, April 14-16. 17361514_10155166338258417_6345748582276353562_nPolybius DreamsScreen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.41.48 AM