This is the first official printing of Yost the Golem, a creator owned project I've developed.

I haven’t disappeared, 2019 just hasn’t seen me yet.

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The springing forward this past weekend also marks, at least in my mind, a coming out of hibernation from the cold and the end of my self imposed respite from con season. Next week is the first show of the year for me, Emerald City Comic Con, and because it is a lotto to get in,           KikaMika Comics, with Mitch Cook automatically apply every year. This year, it just so happens, it’s the same weekend as Toronto Comic Con. I love that show, but I had to make the hard choice of missing it this year, because of the rarity of getting into ECCC.

A couple of years ago, I made the decision to reduce the amount of comic conventions I go to, because of my work load. As a matter of fact, I had to cancel a couple of shows last year, due to the amount of projects I was lucky enough to get. The unfortunate side effect is I’ve got a lot more books to show off ( SALTWATER 3, Toronto Comix: Osgoode as Gold to name a few), but I haven’t been able to show them to you, and so I hope to be able to rectify that this coming year.

Speaking of projects coming out, along with the Cauldron Spring 2019 story I co-created with Ricky Lima, of The Black Hole Hunter Club fame, and the just released chapter book from my mom, in the Up-In-The-Sky series, I’ve also got my first solo creator owned project being released this year through Comics Experience and Source Point Press. It will be part of an anthology of stories, created by others who’ve taken classes, through Andy Schmidt’s online courses, which I highly recommend you take if you are looking to expand upon your visual storytelling arsenal.

A story co-created with Ricky Lima for Cauldron's Spring 2019 edition.
A story co-created with Ricky Lima for Cauldron’s Spring 2019 edition.
The fourth book in the Up-In-The-Sky series, and the first chapter book, written by Amy Grachow, with spot illustrations by me.
The fourth book in the Up-In-The-Sky series, and the first chapter book, written by Amy Grachow, with spot illustrations by me.

Yost the Golem is a five page origin story that will hopefully be expanded into a full comic book, that I’m working on, to be released later this year or early next. It’s my first time creating everything from writing to art and it’s been super fun to research the Spanish middle ages, when Muslims, Christians and Jews co-existed. My plan is to finish it as a one-shot and then do a Kickstarter for the pre-order of the book.  I’ll keep you all updated as to what’s going on with Yost, but if you’re interested in seeing him for the first time, we plan on doing a Kickstarter for the Comix Experience anthology sometime mid year. If you are going to ECCC and have purchased the Monsters and Dames 2019 edition, you’ll be able to see the first printing of Yost and his friend Aleena, which is quite an honour for me.

I also have a graphic novel that I’m doing the art for, that takes the more obscure mythology of Jesus and his disciples and creates a fun time travelling tale, that is part horror story and part sci-fi. It’s called Zombie Jesus Vampire hunter and will be out later this year or early 2020. There’s also plans to start work on the next chapter of Polybius Dreams, and talks of a second season of Donnybrook, so it looks like I will have a full work load for a good part of this year.

Which means that I will again be limiting my con show appearances, but I will be at TCAF in May along side my Cauldron compatriots and with luck I will be back at Fan Expo this year, having taken a break from tabling solo last year. I also will be doing a tour of local comic book shops as I did last year, so this means I hope to see you all at some point in the latter half of 2019. I will be showing up on the west coast one more time with Mitch Cook for our annual Portland Rose City Comic Con, and potentially I will be going down south to visit the family and do a show with them.

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve seen a lot of my friends at the shows I go to, but I just want you to know I haven’t disappeared but I’ve been thinking about you and I’ve been missing you. I will have lots of new books to show you and talk about, and I want to find out what you’ve been doing as well. Feel free and reach out on social media, if you just want to catch up, otherwise I’ll see you soon!