One Door Closes…Another Opens

When one door closes another opens. So it looks like we are going to be doing Wizard World Portland 2016 in lieu of Emerald City Comic Con next year. For all of our fans in Seattle we feel we owe you an explanation as to why we will no longer be going to that show. Emerald City, under new management, has decided to create a lottery system for which they decide whom gets an artist’s table at the con every year. This is what they do with their New York Comic Con show. While we understand they are doing this because they have grown to the point where they can’t let every applicant into the show and have to give others a fair shot, it also means there are casualties to this method. Meaning many artists who have established themselves at their show, invested money and time into building a fan base are now left in the lurch.SWcover

We had planned on launching our new comic book Saltwater at next years show, as we had the last two years with Concrete Martians but unfortunately we won’t be able to do that now. Initially we were very shocked and angry to find out that we weren’t getting into ECCC, but then we realized that maybe this wasn’t a bad thing. Mitch is a resident of Seattle, so KikaMika Comics presence will still be felt through book signings as well as other endeavors, which means that if you are looking forward to reading Saltwater you will still be able to get your hands on a copy as well as our previous series Concrete Martians.Concrete-Martians-Part-2-cover-web

In trying to figure out what to do next, we realized that maybe this was an opportunity for us to grow by going to a new area. We had already planned on going to Rose City Comic Con in Portland Oregon, in September 2016. There was also a Wizard World show there in February 2016, so since we were planning on spending the money for ECCC anyway why not shift are funds to this show instead? After doing a bit of research, we realized it would be a great fit and would work for both of our schedules and signed up for the show, which we just found out we were accepted to!

We now have the opportunity to introduce a whole new audience to our first comic book series, Concrete Martians and then whet their appetite for Saltwater with a preview. Then we will premiere the first full issue in September at Rose City Comic Con! And as we said early, we haven’t forgotten about you Seattle. Look for Saltwater in your local comic book shop, as Mitch will be doing a book tour to promote it when it comes out early next year. It’s realizing that when a door closes that there is another door that’s about to open; and knowing that our fans want us to continue with this crazy adventure that KikaMika has been on for this last decade and a bit!