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End Credits- My interview with End Credits Corey Tibbits and Miles O’Rourke. We talk about animation, and the life of a freelance artist. – End Credits EP 129

The Good Looking Nerd– My bud, the Good Looking Nerd, chats with me about my latest comic book, Concrete Martians at the Toronto Comic Con 2015. Here’s the link.


Comic Book Culture– I was interviewed by Comic Book Culture at the GTA Comic Con 2014. Look for me at around the 2 minute mark.

Sequential’s Journey Into the Arts– This time I did the interviewing for Sequential and talked to a bunch of local Canadian artists and creators about their projects and process.

Here’s the interview I did with Adam Gorham of  the books Teuton and Zero.

Here’s the interview with historians Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey, where I chat about their bringing back Nelvana of the Northern Lights, the Golden Age Canadian comic book hero.

Here’s the interview I did with Conor Mccreery co-writer of Kill Shakespeare.

Burlington Post- I was interviewed by Melanie Cummings of the Burlington Post about my life as an artist for  Superfan Comic Con 2014. Here’s the link.

Geek Hard Podcast- Mitch and I chatted with Andrew Young and Mr. Green about Concrete Martians and what led to the events of that infamous day on October 30th, 1938. You can listen to it here.


CBC’s All In A Day- My mother, Amy Grachow and I talked to CBC’s Alan Neal on his radio show All In A Day. We chatted with him about our children’s book, On A Planet Named Up-In-The-Sky and how it came about. Here’s the link.

Fredcast– Fearless Fred Kennedy of 102.1 The Edge interviewed me about my upcoming projects as well as me growing up in sunny Florida. You can listen to the podcast here and download it here. I’m number 10.

Concrete Herald- Mitch Cook and I were part of the 75th anniversary celebration of War of the Worlds radio drama and the role that the town of Concrete, Washington had in the broadcast. Read about that story and the launch of our comic book Concrete Martians here.


One of my earliest videos. This one is by Kevin Davidson who filmed me at Fan Expo Toronto Comic Con in 2011. You can see my buddy Mike Boldt an amazing artist on this one, and then me at around the 2 minute mark again.