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Opening up Commission list-July

I’m opening up a couple of slots on my commission list. These commissions, or what I like to call Personalized Illustrations, are one of a kind and unique to you and are great for gifts or special events.

So what are they? Really, they can be anything you want. It could be you and your loved one as characters from your favorite movie, or a superhero team from a popular comic book. They’re not limited to just comic books or movies. They can be from video games, tv shows or even made up. I’ve done mash-ups like Doctor Who meets Willy Wonka. It can be an imagined meet up with Tiger Woods on the golf green, giving your dad a winner’s jacket, while you and your family are in the background holding up a banner which celebrates his 60th birthday. Or it can just be you and your fiance, on a romantic date, sitting in your living room in front of the fire imagining your futures together. It really is anything.

The whole process of creating this personalized illustration is really quite easy and effortless for you. All I need is some moments of your time to go over any ideas you might have and from that I hope to create a composition that will blow you and your loved one’s socks off! Once the composition is taken care of, then I go through my process, from rough sketch to finished drawing. This part of the process still involves you and so you get to see the illustration develop before your eyes.

So if this sounds like something you’re interested in, and would like a booking, please contact me soon at kgrachow@jnkimagery.com as slots are limited.

Digital Illustrations

Looking for a unique gift to give a loved one? Would you like to be a super hero or your favorite movie character in an illustration? Have you ever wanted to mash up your favorite movies, and characters with your own unique twist? With this personalized gift you can have your family, friends, or pets as characters from your favorite tv show or movie. The location can be where you had a first date, or an imagined exotic setting. You can interact with a sports idol or pose in a wedding party with the cast from a beloved movie. Contact me at kgrachow@jnkimagery.com about a personalized illustration.

These personalized commissions are great for birthdays, weddings gifts, anniversaries, the holidays or for your own personal collection. They come in different sizes, with different price points and are an affordable gift for all different kinds of special occasions. Book a free phone consultation today so that we can get started on  the perfect present for your loved one. For holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, make sure you book a few months in advance as I have a limited amount of availability.  If you are interested contact me at kgrachow@jnkimagery.com 

B/W Illustrations


Colour Illustrations