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One Door Closes…Another Opens

When one door closes another opens. So it looks like we are going to be doing Wizard World Portland 2016 in lieu of Emerald City Comic Con next year. For all of our fans in Seattle we feel we owe you an explanation as to why we will no longer be going to that show. Emerald City, under new management, has decided to create a lottery system for which they decide whom gets an artist’s table at the con every year. This is what they do with their New York Comic Con show. While we understand they are doing this because they have grown to the point where they can’t let every applicant into the show and have to give others a fair shot, it also means there are casualties to this method. Meaning many artists who have established themselves at their show, invested money and time into building a fan base are now left in the lurch. Continue reading


The Business of Being an Artist – Toronto Comiccon and ECCC 2015

Part of being a commercial artist is running a business. While there are aspects of this that I’m horrible at and procrastinate on (accounting, marketing) and parts that I very much enjoy (comic book conventions, book fairs, meeting fans and showcasing my latest books, and art), I still have to do all of them. This series of my process blog will talk about different aspects of the business.

Whew! Wow! Those are the words that pretty much some up the last few weeks of going to cons. Both Toronto Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con were successful and exhausting both in it’s own right. I’m happy to be on the other side of them, so that I can focus on Arcane Awakening for the next month, and so that I can gear up for the next wave of cons in May and June. But I’m also still absorbing the lessons learned from each one, and that’s what I want to go over in this post. Continue reading