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The Business of Being an Artist – New Website

Part of being a commercial artist is running a business. While there are aspects of this that I’m horrible at and procrastinate on (accounting, marketing) and parts that I very much enjoy (comic book conventions, book fairs, meeting fans and showcasing my latest books, and art), I still have to do all of them. This series of my process blog will talk about different aspects of the business.

I’ll make this short and sweet. My website is finished! My website is finished! Well, the infrastructure is all done. Now it’s time for me to add content, go through the existing content and update it, or just get rid of content that doesn’t represent me any more. It’s always a work in progress, but now I can officially show it off to the world in all of its glory!


Digital Illustrations

Looking for a unique gift to give a loved one? Would you like to be a super hero or your favorite movie character in an illustration? Have you ever wanted to mash up your favorite movies, and characters with your own unique twist? With this personalized gift you can have your family, friends, or pets as characters from your favorite tv show or movie. The location can be where you had a first date, or an imagined exotic setting. You can interact with a sports idol or pose in a wedding party with the cast from a beloved movie. Contact me at kgrachow@jnkimagery.com about a personalized illustration.

These personalized commissions are great for birthdays, weddings gifts, anniversaries, the holidays or for your own personal collection. They come in different sizes, with different price points and are an affordable gift for all different kinds of special occasions. Book a free phone consultation today so that we can get started on  the perfect present for your loved one. For holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, make sure you book a few months in advance as I have a limited amount of availability.  If you are interested contact me at kgrachow@jnkimagery.com 

B/W Illustrations


Colour Illustrations



The McFarland Family

Recently I was approached by my good friend Carrie, about doing a personalized illustration for her husband, Chuck’s, 40th birthday. They love going to Disney World and one of the things they always related to while there, were the Incredibles. The McFarland’s have 3 kids, so it kind of makes sense. And when I started visualizing a scenario of them as superheroes, it easily fell into place.

One of the things I’ve done often is match up living people with characters from movies or tv shows. This takes help from the client if I don’t know the people they want me to caricaturize in the illustration. But there have been times when I do know the client and their family, so it’s always fun for me to take someone I know and match them with characters that have similar traits as they do.

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