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The Business of Being an Artist – Baba Yaga

Part of being a commercial artist is running a business. While there are aspects of this that I’m horrible at and procrastinate on (accounting, marketing) and parts that I very much enjoy (comic book conventions, book fairs, meeting fans and showcasing my latest books, and art), I still have to do all of them. This series of my process blog will talk about different aspects of the business.

I am finally finished with Series 5 Monster prints. Baba Yaga was the character I had the least knowledge of and is probably the less well known of the three. I had really no idea about her other than she was a witch of Eastern European decent. The only time I’d ever seen her was in a Mike Mignola Hellboy story. What I wanted to do was something different from the other two monster prints, story-wise. The Invisible Man as I interpreted him was driven mad by his formula of invisibility and as a result attacked the woman he loved. The Phantom is again a mad character, but this time driven to take the woman he desires by destroying the man that is in his way. With Baba Yaga, she is a character that straddles good and evil. Sometimes she guides those in the forest that are lost, and at other times guides them to their destruction. With this illustration I wanted to capture that feeling that Baba Yaga may or may not be your friend. Continue reading