full color sample invisible man

The Business of Being an Artist – The Invisible Man

Part of being a commercial artist is running a business. While there are aspects of this that I’m horrible at and procrastinate on (accounting, marketing) and parts that I very much enjoy (comic book conventions, book fairs, meeting fans and showcasing my latest books, and art), I still have to do all of them. This series of my process blog will talk about different aspects of the business.

Here is the finished illustration for The Invisible Man, my series 5 Monster Print. A fair bit of prep work goes into the illustration before the actual finished illustration. A lot of it is visualizing what you want and working out solutions to possible problems that might arise. And going back to basics always helps. One of the first steps is thinking about the composition, and how line and colour moves the eye around. I also try to create a story so that also helps dictates what is happening in the illustration.


So once I figured those things out, a lot of the illustration kind of falls into place. You can also see that while most of the major decisions for composition were made in the rough pencil stage, I did make some adjustments once I got to the colours. The biggest being that I added a bit more story to the part where The Invisible Man is carrying his wife. I wanted to also have the composition coming off of the print as well, to hint at a larger world and to give the eye a bit more secondary interest from the main elements. The most technically difficult aspect was figuring out how to make the Invisible Man invisible, while still being able to see him.

Using some of the lessons I’ve learned in the last year since I did the last series has made what I hope is an evolution in my illustrative career. It’s new tools added to my tool box. And its getting rid of things that didn’t work so well in the past. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the outcome so this one will be released to the public to purchase at cons and online. Next up is Phantom of the Opera!