TorontoComicCon2015I’m always interested to hear from you! If you have questions about my work you can go to my FAQ page which will hopefully answer your question. If it isn’t answered there, please send me your inquiry through this contact form.

If you’re looking for an artist on a work-for-hire project, make sure you put in the email a brief description of what the projects about, how many illustrations and/or pages you need, when you need me to start working on it as well as an idea of  your budget or the page rate.

I will come and visit your school to do readings of my children’s books from the Up-In-The-Sky series or my historical comic book, Concrete Martians. I can also teach about the process of creating a children’s book and comic book. If you are a teacher, librarian or part of the school board and would like to know my rates, please feel free and contact me about coming to your school.

For personalized illustrations, let me know who it’s for,  when you need the commission, characters and ideas you may have for it, your phone number and a good time I can reach you. Don’t worry about your idea being fully formed! When I call you, that’s where I help you flesh out the composition and talk to you about your different size options and rates.

For purchases of books, please go to my store to see what’s available. There will soon be a contact form on that page so that you can order them without having to come back here. In the contact form, let me know what you want and how many, when you need it by, your address and phone number. Be aware that shipping costs have not been added to any of the items. I do ship internationally.

If you just want to chat, then feel free and go to my Facebook or Twitter page.

Inquiries about work-for-hire,commissions or general information.

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